Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there discounts for colleagues and groups?

We do not offer discounts for colleagues attending the conference, nor for groups of colleagues within the same company. If several people from a company are attending our conference, it might be advantageous for your company to become a sponsor.

2) What is your cancellation policy?

In the event you cancel your attendance, you may use this as a credit towards attendance at a future conference within 4 months of the originally scheduled conference.

3) Is the cost of travel or lodging included in the registration fee?

The cost of travel or lodging is not included in the registration fee. Our web site provides hotel suggestions depending on the location of each conference.

4) Are all your conferences off-the-record?

Yes, our conferences are off-the-record, meaning that we do not invite media to attend and attendees are asked not to write about (via social media or otherwise) what people discuss at the conferences. This fosters a collegial, intimate environment that is critical to the brainstorming and productive discussions that take place at our meetings.

5) Is there a dress code for your conferences?

Business attire is encouraged.